Monday, 10 November 2014

Wave 1 Medium Zelf - Buttershy

So here we are yet again, looking at another Wave 1 Zelf. Today I'm checking out Buttershy.

It should come as no surprise that Buttershy is a Butterfly Zelf.  Her design just screams Butterfly and her name is even a play on the word. Not to be confused with My Little Ponies "Fluttershy" who is also named in a similar fashion. 

  • Her Birthday is 6 cocoons ago. (Whenever that was?)
  • Her Zelf slogan is "Believe in yourzelf!" Which makes her Zelf power Positivity. 
  • Her bio reads: This flower power flutter is a lil' shy. But her sweet, happy go-lucky keeps her fluttering around the garden, keeping the flowers growing year round. 
  • Buttershy's charm is a purple butterfly.
  • Her "fabitat" is Flitterpad... Zelk Tree's trendiest cocoon. 

Like Vampula and Spellinda, Buttershy is has been re-released in the Wave 2 Masquerade Line and the Wave 3 Zelicious line. 

She also comes 3 sizes, including Super, Medium and Lil'.

I have Buttershy in her Super, Medium and Lil' as well as her Masquerade and Zelicious forms. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy has blue inset eyes and is light purple in colour. She shares her mold with Luneanne.

Buttershy's hair is a mixture of bright pink, purple and yellow. It's of a lower quality of that of the later Zelfs.
Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy has regular elf ears and a medium sized smile which is slightly open. She has a little yellow butterfly painted on her right cheek. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy's butterfly theme is repeated again on her tummy. She has 2 a yellow and pink butterfly perching on a green vine, as well as a little yellow butterfly and a pink flower. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

The green vine and flower motif is featured again on her right leg and it wraps right around to the back. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy has bright pink glittery butterfly wings. Her"Z" Zelf logo is yellow, and is a bit tricky to see unless you look from a lower angle. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy is one of the more simplistic Zelf designs. She seems popular with the creators as she has been released in wave 1, in wave 2 under the Masquerade line and again in wave 3 as a Zelicious Zelf.