Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Update on the Design yourzelf Zelf + Review

 So I had a brief look at the Design yourzelf Zelf back in July - You can read my first impressions of it here: Finally got my hands on design yourzelf

Anyway, I recently found out that they have redesigned the face of the Design Yourzelf Zelf and knowing that you can actually buy the in the UK now I decided to get myself a second one to see for myself.

I actually imported my first one as I thought it was an exclusive but then it turned up in Asda.

Leeloominai and the Design yourzelf Zelf
Leelominai posing with it in Asda back in September 2014. 
So in the UK Design Yourzelf Zelfs are exclusive to Asda. They usually retail at around £15 but I managed to snap mine up recently for £10 in a sale.

Design yourzelf Zelf

So here is the older version with the newer one. You can already see the difference in their faces. 
I purchased my first one without any accessories, so I never got to do an unboxing review. 

Design yourzelf Zelf

Like the Super Zelfs, Design yourzelf Zelf comes in a box rather than on a card. 

It's Zelf power is "Originality" and you are encouraged to customise it with pens and stickers. I actually want to get third one to go crazy on as I want to keep my first two looking all white and pretty. 

The Zelf comes with 3 pens and some stickers to customise it with,

The box is laid out the same as the other smaller Zelfs pretty much. 

Design yourzelf Zelf boxart

The back of the box reads:

Wanna polka-dot your Zelf? 
Pink-striped rainbow chic?
Give your Zelf some bangs... or fangs!
It's your supersized Zelf to design anyway you like! Then name your Zelf already and create your own profile!

Turns out the Zelf's tummy designs are called "Powermarks" I suppose I should stop calling them "Cutiemarks" then. 

Design yourzelf Zelf boxart

I think the art work of the Zelf is super cute, although it's not really an accurate illustration as the hair colour on the actual Zelf has less colours. 

Design yourzelf Zelf

The Zelf comes with a small instruction leaflet.

"Time to get crafty! Have fun designing your Zelf in your own style! If you want to change your design, wipe your doll clean with a soft cloth moistened with water and you can restyle your Zelf. 

Take care!
  • Marker pen ink is washable and may smudge or transfer to other surfaces.
  • Allow the stickers you colour-in to dry for 2 minutes before sticking them to your doll."

Design yourzelf Zelf

The Zelf comes with three colour pens in purple, pink and green and also a variety of stickers. Some are holographic shiny stickers and others are just outlines so you can colour them in yourself. 

I haven't actually unwrapped any of mine as I really like my Zelf as she is.

Design yourzelf Zelf

The Design yourzelf Zelf has blue inset eyes and is completely white all over except for the pink shading inside it's ears.  It's hair is a mixture of pastel colours and isn't quite as long as the other zelfs compared to it's height. 

Design yourzelf Zelf

Like the small Zelfs, the Design yourzelf Zelf has the "Z" logo on it's bottom. 

Lets compare it with the earlier design!

Design yourzelf Zelf comparison

They both appear to share the same body design and have the same coloured hair. 

However there are some differences between the two. 

Design yourzelf Zelf comparison

  • The original Design yourzelf Zelf has a much wider smile which stretches across it's face till its just below it's eyes.  The newer Zelf's stops much sooner. 
  • The original Zelf has wider eyebrow ridges. 
  • They actually feel like they are made out of different materials. The original one has a smoother feeling plastic, where the newer one feels a bit more rough. Generally when customising toys rougher surfaces are easier to apply colour too, so I can see why they changed it. It does feel odd in comparison though. 
  • The originals eyes seem to be either more open or just bigger. 

I know that many people found the original's smile looked a bit too wide. I think it remains quite true to the design of the medium Zelfs, but I suppose once you supersize the design it looks a bit odd. It never bothered me at all though. I can't pick a favourite as I really like both of them.

Design yourzelf Zelf comparison
Ribbita for scale.
They really are Supersized in comparison to the medium Zelfs. They are approximately 7 inches in height making them the biggest Zelfs available at the moment.

I haven't tested the pens on them at all so I can't comment on their customisability. However they are really cute and I'm sure that many children would find them a lot of fun. 

Thanks for reading!