Saturday, 2 August 2014

Surprise UK Ruby Zelf discovery!

So I'm quite a chatterbox in the Zelf Flickr community. As well as chatting to the ever awesome Leelominai I have begun brancing out to other toy collectors too.

Anyway I received a comment from Meimi who is a huge Zelf fan and collector as well as a frequent commenter on my photos that she had found a Limited Edition Jewely the Ruby Zelf hidden in the Zelfs collectors tin!

With her permission I figured I'd share the news! 


She went to her local Toysrus and purchased a collectors tin. (In the UK)


However once she got to the car and popped off the lid she found out she'd picked up a Ruby Zelf inside. Meimi said she was so shocked she was almost hyperventilating. I think I would have ended up screaming and most likely indulging in a bit of geeky flailing. 

I'm going to assume that the company who makes Zelfs saved a few back out of 10000 to hide in the collectors tins. This isn't the only report of Zelfs hidden inside the collectors tins that I have heard. 

Ruby Zelf Jewely!! ZOMG!

Meimi got her hands on Ruby Zelf number #44. Mine is #275 and Leelominai's is #271

Jewely with all her bits & bobs

I must say Meimi takes some lovely photos of Zelfs. 

Jewely with her tin & stuff

Congratulations on your amazing find!

In other news still no UK sighting of Snowphie the White Tiger Zelf.