Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mimi and the Novi Stars

So I recently decided to join The My Little Pony Arena, which is a forum which is about My Little Ponies (No surprises there!) that mainly deals with Generation 1. 

I think I'm over due for an awesome post about my old My Little Ponies but it is not this day!
Today I'm just sharing a photo of my Mimi Merize Novi Star which I customised and 2 boxed dolls.

Mimi and the Nova Stars

Basically some of the doll collectors on the forum have asked if I can track down a few of these dolls in the UK as they were never released in the USA and Canada. 
I luckily managed to find these 2 in Argos but it's getting harder and harder now as they are being discontinued and are no longer in the Argos Catalogue.


For some strange reason this photo has now go the highest hits I've ever received on flickr. I usually get 30 views tops but only in 1 day its had well over 9000! Crazy!