Saturday, 30 August 2014

Many Rochelles

Just a quick update before bed really. No doubt I'll be updating again tomorrow but hey! I'm not ready to sleep and I wanna share a photo.

Yesterday 3 of my Rochelle showed up in the post. 
Much Rochelle
So many Rochelle!
They are as follow:

Original Rochelle, Zombie Shake, Dance Class, Swim Class, Ghouls Night Out and the little one in the front is my custom one. I also have a second custom I am working on at the very moment. 

I've just ordered the Scaris: City of Frights Rochelle I am missing. Which would make my collection complete, until they release the Ghoul Chat one in the UK.

Ghoul Chat

I am so looking forward to this Rochelle as she is just adorable! I love the lighter blue they've chosen to use in her hair this time. I may even end up keeping Catrine DeMew too as she is super cute as well.