Friday, 1 August 2014

First My Little Pony Custom - The Last Unicorn

Since I'd been enjoying customising Monster High dolls so much I figured I'd have a try at customising a My Little Pony. I wanted to start with a Rarity as she is a Unicorn to me Unicorns are kinda big deal and she is also plain white which is a good starting base.

Rarity in the wind

Now I already have a Rarity but she falls into the category of toys which I must keep in there original form, which also includes a few Ball Joint Dolls and the likes of Skelita and Jinafire from Monster High who I just love too much to customise.

As a result I ended up getting second Rarity from eBay. She cost me £4 including shipping which wasn't too bad at all.

The Rarity which became The Last UnicornThe Rarity which became The Last Unicorn

I started by completely wiping off her eyes and "cutie mark" with acetone and then set about looking for customisation guides on Youtube.

For the most part it is very similar to customising a doll. You heat the toy in hot water and then pop its head off while the plastic is pliable. Unlike dolls however my little ponies have a tail, which means you really have to root to the back of their body from the inside in order to pull it out. Unfortunately the way is blocked by a peg which the head sits on. I ended up having to carefully slice around it with a scalpel blade.
Thankfully removing the tail was simple after that.

The mane was much more straight forward. I simply trimmed it as close to the scalp as possible and then had a dig around inside using my surgical forceps and other hooking type tools.

The tail was super easy to replace and I had some lovely white doll hair left over from one of my previous customs. (Nerid no less!)

I rerooted her mane using a rerooting tool (fo' shame) and then glued it from the inside to prevent it falling out when I brushed it. I probably would have been better off actually doing the lock and loop method but I was feeling lazy and I don't think my method chose made too much impact on the finished pony.

Once the hair was sorted I went about customising her eyes the same way I would a Monster High doll and then I replaced the head.

She is heavily inspired by my favourite Animated Movie of all time:

The Last Unicorn

Another shot of my Last Unicorn inspired pony

Another shot of my Last Unicorn inspired pony

And I couldn't be happier with her. I can definitely see myself customising more My Little Ponies in the future as the actual process only took me about 2 hours while watching stuff on Netflix. It was a very relaxing evening.

For no reason whatsoever here are some more photos of the Unicorn sitting with Nerid.

Nerid and Unicorn

Nerid and Unicorn

Thanks for reading!!