Sunday, 17 August 2014

Colourbee's custom Kappa Zelf - A Shout out!

Heya toy fans!

I decided to do another shout out post today, mainly because I saw an amazing Zelf custom and just knew I needed to do a post about it. I love seeing other customisers at work. 

Before I share the photos I'd like to link to the artists facebook page which everyone should go and check out. She doesn't just custom Zelfs, but also My Little Pony as well as working with super sculpey.

I saw this amazing "concept" design crop up on Colorbee's wall a few days ago and couldn't wait to see it in it's final form.

She didn't take long to turn the concept design into a reality.

I love the fact that not only did she create a brand new character but also made it's very own character art and box. I'm not going to link any more photos as I think they are best viewed at the source so please check them out on Colourbee's Facebook page. 

Photos used with permission by Colourbee.