Thursday, 28 August 2014

Collection Choices

My doll collecting life has gotten crazy in the last few weeks.

I've decided that I'm only going to be "collecting" Rarity from My Little Pony from now on, so I've been trying to track her down.
My Rarity Collection!
So many Rarity
Here it is so far! I'm still on the look out for many more. I manage to find a few of the missing Equestria Rarity dolls on eBay as well as an alternative pose of the little pony. What I really want is the first Fashion Sytle Rarity though. (The bigger ones.)

 In a similar vein I've chosen Rochelle Goyle has my Monster High doll of choice. She was the first one I fell in love with and I just feel a connection with her. 

The beginning of an obsession
I picked up the Zombie 2 pack containing Rochelle and Venus. 

Zombie Dance Rochelle and Venus
I love Venus but I'm going to sell her on. The Rochelle doll is very pretty and I'm thrilled to add her to my collection. I have 3 more Rochelles on the way this week. It's just a case of finding the final 2 for my collection then. 

Despite saying I'm only going to be collecting Rochelle from now on I did splurge and buy this set.

Monster High School Disembody council
The School Disembody Council. 
I was only interested in Gilda Goldstag really, but it was worth buying the big set. Scarah Screams is going to Leelominai and Slo Mo is being traded with a lovely women I met through various toy collection groups on Facebook. Lagoon is actually really cute and I think she is my favourite one so far despite being so simple. As for Cleo, well she is going to be customised into something wonderful!

It was an expensive set, but its opened so many doors for me. Just by offering to trade Slo Mo I've made some new friends. I've suddenly become this almost social person just by connecting with other toy collectors and it's great!