Thursday, 24 July 2014

Zelfs Toadstool Twirl and Spin Playset review

I honestly thought I'd already written this as I had the photos taken some time ago. In fact I don't even own the actual playset any more and have since passed it on to a very happy little girl.

Ribbita and Twirl and Swing Toadstood

Anyway as the title says, today I shall be reviewing the Toadstool Twirl-n-Swing playset and Ribbita the frog Zelf.

I have also reviewed the Venus Flytrap Spin Salon if anyone is curious.

So in the UK this play set retails at around £19.99 but I have spotted it for sale occasionally on Amazon and also Argos. (In fact Argos quite often has some good deals on Zelfs. Definitely checking out!)

Back of the Twirl and Swing Toadstoll

The layout and box are quite cute and has a fairly accurate illustration of how the toy works. 

Ribbita's bio

The side of the box shows adorable cartoon of Ribbita and also her bio. She's interesting as unlike the rest of the Zelfs she doesn't have any ears. Just head nubs which I suppose would be where her eyes were if she actually was a frog rather than a fiction plastic creature. 

Lets look at Ribbita the Frog Zelf.


She is very cute though, and I'm pleased to add her to my collection. Like Mermalade she has little fins on her arms. My version of Ribbita has softer hair than the first wave Zelfs and also has the newer lighter softer body, but I've heard that there are some with the older hair type. 

Ribbita and Lochlan Zelfs

I really love how varied these little guys are becoming. Her is Ribbita sitting with Lochlan the Lochness Monster Zelf. Ribbita's charm is of a frogs face, but I don't seem to have taken any photos of it for some reason. 


She is fairly detailed on the back, I particularly love the little heart shaped dapple on her back. She has more little fins on her legs, and on her butt the Zelfs trademark "Z" as well as a frog stamp.

Enough about the Zelf! What is the playset like?

Ribbita and the Twirl and Swing Toadstool

Out if the box it just looks like some kinda of scary toadstool with arms. The arms are held in tightly with cable ties which you will need to clip before you can play with it. On each of the swings is a cardboard cut out of wave 1 Zelfs. 

Ribbita and the cardboard Zelfs

They little cardboard cut outs are adorable though and seem to be illustrated exclusively for this playset. 
So there's Vampula, Mermalade and also Buttershy. 

Twirl and Swing Toadstool

The playset is painted well and has a variety of colours and while all are very bright it doesn't appear to be overly garish. The stem of the Toadstool is actually my favourite colour, so I am biased. 
I'm not too convinced it looks like Toadstool more like a maraca which parasites. Maybe if the cap was larger and the stem was shorter. 

Toadstool swing

I do like the little seats though. They appear to be little vines which end in leaves acting as seats. It goes very well with the whole "Zardenia" garden theme. 

Ribbita on the Toadstool swing

The little stems that stick out of the sides of the seat keep the Zelfs legs in place and stop them flying off when you spin it. 

Even Zelfs with tails can use the swing

There is a little dent in the back which means even Zelfs with tails can sit on the swing. 

Kitsu on the Toadstool swing

Heck even Zelfs with wings can sit on it too which is a huge plus in my opinion. Well done Zelf designers! 

Trying out the Toadstool swing

It actually spins really well. You simply twist the little nub at the top of the toadstool and it spins the whole thing around. I actually found it hard to get a decent shot of it spinning as I was trying to twist and take a photo at the same time. 
The arms really swing outwards when its going full speed. This photo doesn't really show the swing going that fast. 

Toadstool VS Flytrap

So how does it compare to the other Zelf playset?

There is no doubt they are designed for the same toys, both the theme and colour schemes seem to match well. I feel that the Toadstool has a bit more detail and colour but I actually prefer the Venus Flytrap's over all appearance. 

That being said the Toadstool Twirl and Spin actually does what it claims to do. In my previous review of the Venus Flytrap Spin Salon I found it fell a bit short. There is no problem here with the Toadstool Twirl and Spin, as it is a swing and it actually swings really well. 

I also like that it can accommodate more than 1 Zelf at a time, which means if I was a child and not some kind of sad collector lady I'd enjoy playing with it more. 

The verdict?

It's good fun, and I think I child would genuinely enjoy playing with it.

Anyway, thank you for reading my review. To read more about Zelfs please check out the links below!