Saturday, 26 July 2014

Finally got my hands on a "Design yourzelf" Zelf

4 Sizes of Zelfs

These huge Zelfs are an American exclusive which as a collector in the UK makes me incredibly sad. Thankfully I found one on eBay for a decent price last week and decided to treat myself.
Sadly didn't get any boxed photos since I bought it loose. It also didn't come with the pens which are designed to draw on it either. To be fair though, I was never going to draw on it.  

He is approximately 7 inches tall and pretty much towers over the rest of the Zelfs. 

4 Sizes of Zelfs

His hair isn't as long as the smaller Zelfs but I suppose that is because they had to use a much larger weft in the center of its head. It is however a lot more colourful, but that is probably to make up for the lack of colour on the body.

The body is matt and feels a little bit rough or "toothy" as I believe the phrase is in the customiser world. Basically to give the pens something to grip on. I daren't draw on it though as most of my pens and pencils tend to stain vinyl over time.  The trouble with this type of plastic and also the colouring as it does tend to pick up dirt a bit easier than the rest of the Zelfs. 

One thing that interests me about the Zelfs is each time they change size the proportions of their facial features change too. I'd say the "Design yourzelf" Zelf's face is closer to the Medium Zelfs than say the Super Zelfs. 

The Back of the Design your Zelf Zelf

The only marking on its body is the Zelf logo in the form of a Z on its behind which is standard for all Zelfs above the Lil' Zelf size..