Friday, 7 February 2014

My new Blythe girl arrived! Meet Merrow

Deal with it
Merrow - Wendy Weekender Blythe doll.

Wheeeeeee! Merrow finally arrived after waiting for what feels like forever! The post I made when I ordered is here - Ordered my First Blythe!

Unfortunalty she was caught by customs so I had to pay an extra £11, but at this point I'm just glad to have her here with me. 

So here we have Wendy Weekender, a FBL Blythe doll that I have renamed Merrow. I was originally going to do a video unboxing, but ain't anybody got time for that. Also I was desperate to just open up the box... so I did. 

Wendy Weekender in her box

She's in quite a stylish box. A box which will probably spend the remainder of its life atop my wardrobe. 
Wendy Weekender in her boxWendy Weekender in her box

The side of the box is covered with a repeating pattern of a little cat licking an ice cream cone. Which incidentally is the same design that is on her tee shirt.

Wendy Weekender in her box

Not sure I'm keen on the striking orange box she was contained in. The whole colour palate looks like someone vomited up a box of skittles all over the doll. Still I chose her because she has a very appealing hair colour, her clothes are irrelevant to me. 

Wendy Weekender shirt

Just noticed that the cat on her shirt has the same sunglasses which is a cute touch. Hot pink and green though, really?

Wendy Weekender

There doesn't appear to be any matching attempts made with her outfit. Red, green and hot pink? Yikes. She's a really cute doll, but I would have changed the colours of her outfit if I'd designed her.

Mimiwoo Blythe boots

I picked up these cute boots from Mimiwoo as well. They fit Blythe, Obitsu and Azone Pure Neemo. 

Merrow's eyes

As for her eyechips, I actually prefer the green ones. My other Blythe suits the blue ones more.

Rooted wrong

I was a little disappointed to see that some of her hair was rerooted wrong. It's looped the wrong way, which means that it catches when I try and comb it.  

Her hair doesn't seem to be quite as bright as pictured in her official photos, but it could be because I'm taking the photos in a weird light. I think I'll probably try giving it a wash at some point to remove some of the frizzles too.

Merrow wearing Zelf clips

Since I had some laying on the desk I thought I'd try some hair accessories from my Zelfs in her hair. Here she is wearing the little hair extentions that came with Catsby a series 2 cat Zelf.

Merrow pinched Catsby's hair extentions

They suit her far more than Catsby even if she does have to wear them upside down!

I'm so pleased with Merrow, but for me the joy of owning Blythe dolls is customising them. So once I'm finished rerooting Pipit, I'll start on Merrow. I'm really looking forward to it!