Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Repainting Karen the 11cm Obitsu

Obitsu 11cm
Such a cute blank slate.
So back in November 2013 I got my hands on an 11cm Obitsu doll and got to work customising her. I completely rerooted her head using Saran from My Little Customs and painted on a cute little face for her.

Waiting for a friend
Karen and her yet to be made friend. 
While I thought my original attempt at her face was cute, her eyebrows began to bother me. Mainly because they are far to red for her hair colour. In the end I decided I'd wipe her clean and give her another go.

So happy for someone with their arms removed
Preparing for customisation!
In an attempt to make the customisation process easier I popped off her arms and tied back her hair before wrapping her completely in cling film. The first time I customised her face I hadn't yet attached it too her body.

Wrapped in Cling film and ready to go
She looks like a cross between Frodo from Lord of the Rings once Shelob has had a crack at him or one of Dexter Morgan's victims.
Once I'd wiped her face completely free of her old face up I did a base coat of Mr Super Clear, which is my sealer of choice. It's also very hard to get in the UK unfortunately!

Outline of her new eyes
The basic face outline.
I used Prisma colour pencils to outline the shape of her eyes and mouth before adding colour. I used multiple coats of Mr Super Clear between adding all the details.

Karen seems thrilled with her new face
So happy!
Her eyes, mouth and eyebrows were all created with gradual build of detail using Prisma Colour pencils. I used pastels and a cotton bud to give the gentle glow of pink blush on her cheeks and the only acrylic paint I used was for the shines on her eyes. 

I did add a little bit of gloss varnish over her eyes to make them shine ever so slightly. 

Obitsu were made for riding My Little Pony
Perfect sized for riding My Little Pony.
I'm not sure if this will be her final face, but I think she looks really cute. Her eyes look a lot more softer now and I'm thrilled with her eyebrows. I think they are the best eyebrows I've ever added to a doll, which is great as I consider them to be my biggest weakness when it comes to customisation.

Karen and her tiny doll stands.
Whee, little doll stands!
To celebrate Karen's new face I picked her up some doll stands from Retrodolls. Although Karen originally came with magnets in her feet, she no longer has them. Over time they became unstuck from the bottom of her soles, perhaps because I repeatedly picked her off her previous stand. I tried to glue them back in but had no success so I gave up.

Karen's new face
My Karen.
I love having her on a stand on my desk. She is just the right size to keep in front of my monitor. I'll definitely be getting more of these tiny obitsu in the future.