Friday, 24 January 2014

Dolly Bureau - Doll pattern book review

Now while it's fairly easy to find doll patterns available on the internet, actual pattern books are hard to find. Especially those which cover modern popular dolls, such as Ball Joint Dolls, Pullips and all the other lovely dolls that our fandom just adore.

 With a little of bit of searching I stumbled across this gem.

I popped it on my Amazon wishlist and was over joyed when I unwrapped it on Christmas day as a gift from my boyfriends parents. Thanks Brian and Emma!

The Dolly Bureau was first published in 2013 and was created by Megann R. Zabel.

The book is full of beautiful colour photographs and it covers many different sized dolls. Including Momoko dolls, Misaki, Poppy Parker, Chip, 1:4 Ball Joint Dolls (MSD Size) and 1:6 Ball Joint Dolls (Such as Yellow Lati dolls.)

Megann even lists which outfit sizes will also fit other dolls which is fantastically helpful. For example, some of the Momoko doll outfits will also fit Pullips, Blythes and Jdolls. There is a page dedicated to explaining the different doll sizes and their scales. 

 As well as all the pretty photographs, the book is filled to the brim with patterns. The best thing is that they are all already scaled at the right size so you don't need to scan them and increase the size.  One pattern even has a step by step full colour photo tutorial.

Momoko PatternMSD/1:4 scale BJD patterns
Lati Yellow (16 cm/1:12 scale) BJD Pattern

MSD/1:4 Scale BJD PatternMisaki/Poppy Parker Pattern

It was the little dress below which really grabbed my attention. While I'm very confident with my sewing ability when it comes to sewing sock dolls, I'd consider myself quite a newbie to the world of doll outfits but feeling brave I jumped right in.

Momoko dress & hoodie pattern

The dress looked simple yet cute. Perfect for my first attempt!

I took a photo of the page featuring the design. You can see the tail end of the step by step hoodie tutorial and also the beginnings of the dress pattern and explanation. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Yesterday I went shopping and picked out a lovely raindrop pattern fabric for Pipit (My work in progress Blythe doll.) and knew I just had to try making her a dress. It turned out to be a bit long for Pipit, so I skipped adding the ruffle at the bottom and instead replaced it with a little strip of lace.

Pipit's new dress

Not bad for my first attempt at sewing a doll outfit. I think it suits her very much despite it's flaws. I just need to reroot her some hair now!

Anyway, the Dolly Bureau is a stunning pattern book and I'd highly recommend it. Especially if you are a doll collector like me and own many different sized dolls.
I've yet to spot any other books that fill the same market niche. I'm also thrilled to hear that there is a Dolly Bureau Volume 2 in the works.