Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 New wave of Zelfs

So in the last few days the "Zelf" collecting world has been a buzz with talk over the newest Zelfs added to the line up from Moose Enterprise. 

To start there are the Masquerade line, which basically features many of the first Zelfs with different paint jobs on their faces and bodies. 

So for example here is Spellinda in her Version 1 form followed by the Masquerade version. 

6 of the Original Zelfs are represented in their Masquerade form in the season 2 line up. Including:

  • Spellinda
  • Flamy
  • Buttershy
  • Mermalade
  • Pegasue
  • Vampula

Now I don't think I'll bother with the Masquerade versions, as I need to draw the line somewhere otherwise my desk is going to be even more covered with toys and dolls. 

That being said however, the new series 2 wave of Zelfs? Oh my goodness, I'll definitely be collecting them! Again they come in all 3 sizes with the Lil' Zelf pots, Medium and Super Zelfs.

From what I can gather the series 2 Zelfs appear to be going with a fantasy forest type theme this time with animals and nature spirits. 

Kitsune is the Japanese word for Fox and is a well know spirit in Japanese folk lore. I almost died when I saw this Zelf as they are sooo cute. 

Birchy appears to be based off of a Greek Satyr and reminds me a lot of Miss Clover. I think its the shape of his face.

 I've yet to find decent photos of all the newest Zelfs just yet, but I'll see I can list them all. I've no idea if these are all avaliable just yet, but I have seen images of them in their boxes and some are even listed for sale on the UK Zelf website.

  • Kitsu - The Fox Spirit
  • Birchy - Tree Zelf
  • Teeny Genie - Genie Zelf
  • Snap Jack - Jack Frost Zelf
  • Lochlan - Loch Ness Monster Zelf
  • Jewely - Ruby Zelf
  • Flitter - Dragon Fly Zelf
  • Owlmanda - Owl Zelf
  • Dandylion - Lion Zelf
  • Lady B - Lady Bug / Lady Bird Zelf
  • Catsby - Cat Zelf
  • Dorothy Doe - Deer Zelf
  • Webinda - Spider Zelf 

There are 6 Super Zelfs to collect. 2 Glitter, 2 Glow in the Dark and 2 with Pearly finish. 

  • Lady B - Lady Bug / Lady Bird Zelf
  • Catsby - Cat Zelf
  • Dorothy Doe - Deer Zelf
  • Lochlan - Loch Ness Monster Zelf
  • Teeny Genie - Genie Zelf
  • Flitter - Dragon Fly Zelf

As well as a new playset like the Spin and Style Salon. Thise time its a Twirl and Style Toadstool with an Exclusive frog themed Zelf called Ribbita. 

I am speculating that Jewely the Ruby Zelf will take the place of Miss Clover this time round as she looks the shiniest. Although I haven't seen and her much about Webinda, so it could be she is rare too? I have no idea. 
It looks like I'll have a lot of searching to do this year, and I can't wait! I love a good toy hunt.