Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Obitsu Customising!

About a weeks ago my naked Obitsu dolls arrived from Japan, just waiting to be customised into my own little characters. I made a post about the dolls arrival here if anyone missed it. 
Obitsu 11cm
My naked Obitsu 11cm doll
Well this week I began the slow process of customising. I started with the hair first, as trying to rereoot a pre-painted head can have disastrous results for the face up. Now I'm still quite new to rerooting dolls heads. I've rerooted 2 previously but neither have turned out that great. Still practice makes perfect!   

Knot Method
The Knot Method
I use a long doll needle and "Frosted Brownette" hair I purchased from My Little Customs
I personally favour the knot method, as I find the loop method a little tricky and don't trust the punch method.
Almost finished rerooting
Getting there!
The hardest part of rerooting a dolls head is the parting. I looked up a fair few tutorials on "thatching" and while it looks simple I could definitely use a lot more practice!

Once I'd finished the hair rerooting I moved onto painting my Obitsu's head. I bound back her hair using cling film and sprayed the face with my sealer of choice Mr Super Clear. 

I like to build up the colour on the dolls face slowly. So I started by carefully drawing out the eye shape in very light coloured pencil. Once I was happy with the general shape I started to darker the outlines. When I'm happy with the shape and know where I am going with the eyes, I get out a very fine paint brush and paint in the whites and blacks. 

Face up step 1Face up step 2
Face up Step 3
Completed face up!
Her eye brows are a little wonky and eyes aren't completely symmetrical but over all I'm really pleased with how her face turned out. In the future I plan to space the eyes out a little more. 

Once her hair is let down she looks like a right little character.

Karen - Custom Obitsu 11cm
Karen completed
I decided to call her Karen as the colour of her hair reminded me of one of the early Harvest Moon characters by the same name.  I need to style her hair, but I've no idea what style to use.  I wish I'd given her some bangs as she has quite a high forhead, but I still think she looks very cute. 
Here she is wearing a dress which was sewn for one of my other dolls. (She's borrowing it for now!) 

Waiting for a friend
Karen and the  Azone Pure Neemo Body.
Now Karen is completed I am looking forward to working on my next doll.