Saturday, 16 November 2013

A look at the Pinkie Cooper Runway Dolls

Pepper Parsons and Ginger Jones
Pepper Parsons and Ginger Jones.
So today I'm looking at the Pinkie Cooper Runway dolls. If you haven't already guessed Pinkie Cooper dolls are fashion dolls with dogs heads.  Pinkie Cooper is the name of the lead character in the series of dolls, but I actually preferred her companions, so here is Pepper Parsons and Ginger Jones. 
Pinkie Cooper dolls are made by the company Flair, a UK toy company who are famous for other toys such as Sylvanian Families and Puppy in my Pocket. 

I've found that Pinkie Cooper dolls are quite hard to find on the highstreet. The only 2 places I know you can find them are at ToyMaster and also Argos. I've checked at both Hamleys and Toys R Us and nether stock them. 

Pepper Parsons inside her box.Back of Pepper Parson's Box

They are sold in simple pink boxes with a small selection of accessories. The back of the box features a character illustration and a brief explanation about who Pinkie Cooper and her friends actually are. 

Pepper still on box backing
Pepper in the pull out section of the box.
Unlike other Fashion dolls, it's actually fairly straight forward to remove these dolls from their boxes, although I still would advise using scissors. Their limbs are held in with clear plastic, where as their heads are held in with brown cotton thread. 

Pepper Parsons
Close up of Pepper's face. 
The Pinkie Cooper dolls have very round faces, with inset painted eyes. I love the colour depth of their eyes and also the detail on their faces. They even have eyelashes. There is something about these dolls that I just find really cute. 

Pepper Parsons fullbody
Full body view of Pepper. 
Each doll comes with a headband, a bracelet, a handbag, a dress and a pair of shoes. The clothes are very nice and feel fairly high quality, well as far as fashion dolls clothing goes at least. 

Pinkie Cooper removable ears
The dolls have removable ears. 
Pinkie Cooper dolls have removable ears which you can interchange. They use a similar peg system as the "Monster High: Create a Monster" line. In fact you can use the Pinkie Cooper ears on Create a Monster heads... but it does look a little strange. 

Pepper with one of Gingers ears.
Pepper wearing Ginger's ear. 
You can purchase separate fashion packs which come with extra ears and other accessories or simply just switch them between dolls. 

Pinkie Cooper doll body
Pepper pretending she's not naked.
The Pinkie Cooper dolls have jointed arms so you can pose them, but they lack knee joints. Their knees do bend in the similar way that Barbie's legs do, but I'd imagine that over time repeated bending would damage them over time. 

I  love the blushing on their knees and elbows, I think it really adds to the overall aesthetics of the doll. They dolls have moulded panties and interestingly "outie" belly buttons. Their bodies are fairly childlike, with a very modest bust. The dolls feet a very simple with little to no detailing on the toes. Their feet are on "tip toes" so they can wear heels type shoes. 

Pinkie Cooper Dolls paws
Painted claws and Paw pads. 
Their hands are very cute and are based off of dog paws. While dogs have 4 toes on each foot, the Pinkie Cooper dolls have 3 fingers and a thumb. Each finger ends in a painted claw and the inside of their palm as a painted heart acting as a paw pad. 

Pinkie Cooper handbags
Matching Handbags
Each of the dolls has a matching handbag. It's hard to see but each handbag features the profile of Pinkie Cooper. I love how her ear ends in a spiral at the bottom of the bag. It's a cute but easily overlooked detail.

Ginger and Pepper
Ginger and Pepper.
All in all I'm a big fan of these dolls. I think they are unusual and really stand out amidst all the other fashion dolls which are popular at the moment. It's a shame there isn't much variety between the different dolls, as they are basically repaints. Didn't stop me getting 2 though. Opps!

I think their faces are very cute, although I think I may be in a minority as most people I've shown think they look creepy. I would have loved these when I was a child as I genuinely preferred animal toys over human toys. I also recall asking my Mum to put my hair up in pigtails so I could be a puppy at playtime at school. 

Their clothes are pretty and seem to be of good quality. I'm not a fan of the bracelet as it is a bit flimsy and can be easily lost. The shoes are very simple and don't come close to the quality of the shoes I see on Monster High Dolls. 

One thing I wished they'd added to the dolls which they have not is a tail. I would have loved a big swishy tail made of the same material as their hair. 

I'm not sure how popular these dolls are, as they are so hard to find in shops at the moment. I have no idea if they will surge in popularity or fade entirely, but they will always have a space on my collection shelf.