Thursday, 31 October 2013

Miss Clover - Rare Medium Zelf doll and how to get her

Miss Clover Zelf
Miss Clover arrived!
I am in the UK, and this method is for people in the UK only as far as I am aware. 

I was able to get my hands on a Miss Clover Zelf a few weeks ago. As soon as I bought my first Zelf I knew I'd have to see if I could track one down. As far as Zelfs go she is lovely. Unlike all the other medium Zelfs Miss Clover is covered in glitter which gives her a sparkle effect. She comes with a brass collectors charm with her limited edition number on as well as a golden cardboard clover congratulating you on finding her. 

 I originally thought that perhaps she would be like some of the rarer Monster High Dolls and that there would only be a few released in certain shops. 

After a little bit of googling though I soon found out that wasn't the case. My first efforts originally took me to eBay where people were charging HUGE amounts for this Zelf. Some people were paying anywhere before £30 to £70 for her. 

Miss Clover - Rare Medium Zelf

I then read somewhere that she was only available with a coupon from a rather hard to find Zelf magazine. (Which again is sold on eBay for silly prices!) Crestfallen, I tried to look for copies of the magazine but had no luck. 


The coupon no longer seems to be available on anymore sadly.

The next rare zelf is now available.
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Finally I managed to track her down without needing to purchase the rare magazine. There are two other places to get the coupons from. To get a special coupon you can either visit and click the "Find out how to claim a super rare Miss Clover Zelf!" which is around the center of the webpage. Which will give you a coupon to print and send off.

Or alternatively, you can visit Hamleys in London. Where they have little postcard coupons on the shelves with the Zelfs. Be prepared to pay through the nose if you go to Hamleys however, as the Zelfs there are very expensive.
I wouldn't recommend trying to print this. Go for the easier option and print the coupon available here.
Once you've got hold of your coupon, all you need to do then is is purchase £30 worth of Zelf toys and then send the receipts along with the coupon to the address specified. In around a week or so you'll receive your very own Miss Clover in the post!

Miss Clover and the limited edition collectors bits

Never fear, although all the information about Miss Clover says she's "Ultra Rare" there are actually 10,000 of her available. So as long as you send off your coupon sooner rather than later, then you'll be able to get one.

All my Zelfs 27/10/13
Miss Clovers makes a great addition to anyone's Zelf collection, whether it be big or small.
If you send your coupon off now she should arrive in time for Christmas, which is bound to make any child or toy collector happy!

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