Monday, 28 October 2013

Lil' Zelf Review

Hihi! Here's another review from Opps, I collect Dolls!

Today I'm going to be looking at Lil' Zelf. I originally found these in Toys R US and was instantly drawn to their interesting choice of packaging. Admittedly I didn't end up purchasing one there and then simply because nowhere on the packaging does it actually explain what it is. I didn't want to be forking out £1.99 for something if I wasn't sure what it was I was buying.

Once I came home, looked them up on the internet however I was gutted I didn't buy any. Thankfully I did run into one in another shop a few days later, although it was slightly more expensive at £2.50.

The Mini Zelf Planter

Anyway, Lil' Zelfs come in a little plant pot. I assume this is because their back story says that they all come from a magical garden called Zardenia. Each Zelf lives in its own habitat of fabitat. The plant pot itself is very cute and comes in several different colours. It's also very easy to remove the plastic wrap and paper.

Zelf Mini in the planter

Once you remove the plastic wrap and card you are left with a little plastic pot with some familiar hair poking out the top. Now I did have to pull my Zelfs hair through to make it stand up like this, the reason being is that its patted right down when it the wrapping. I assume this to stop people being able to guess which Zelf is in which pot. 

Mini Zelf and Planter without lid

The lid is very easy to screw on and off, and as you can see it has a cute little hole so the Zelfs hair can poke through the top.

Mini Zelf comparison size

I got the Zelf Vampula who is the Zelf of "Beauty." The larger versions of her have black stripes in her pink hair.  I'm not sure why the missed it off the smaller version, as there is one Lil' Zelf who has multicoloured hair. Perhaps black is just more expensive?

As you can see the Mini Zelfs aren't that big at all, but then they are marketed as being mini so it makes sense. Unlike their larger counterparts they are less detailed. Instead of having inset eyes the Mini Zelfs are painted and they lack their painted markings save one on their bottom. Anyway, my Vampula seems to have a little bit of wonky eye going on, which is a shame. I may see if I can correct that at some point. 

The Zelfs hair is high quality. It feels both fluffy and silky. Unlike their larger versions you can split the Lil' Zelfs' hair right down to their scalp, which is great for children who want to style the hair. The larger Zelfs seem to have a weft in the center of their head which prevents you splitting the hair right down the middle to the base of their scalp. 

Close up of Vanpula's wings

Vampula is one of the Zelfs that has wings, and the Lil' Zelfs don't disappoint on this. The wings are very well moulded from glittery bendable plastic. I was surprised at just how sturdy they are, as the wings are only attached at the base of the spine but you'd have to do a lot of pulling to actually rip them right off. You can see the little Zelf logo on the bum. Which makes me think back to the Carebears and their little hearts! 

Zelf Mini pencil topper

Anyway the Lil' Zelfs are pencil toppers! Which is exactly what their early counterparts were. I used to have tons of Troll pencil toppers when I was kid. I used to get them free in my cereal packets. 

Mini Zelf and Planter

Since they are designed to sit on the tops of pencils, the inside of the planter has a nifty little peg to hold them in place when they are inside. 

Mini Zelf, planter and collection leaflet

As well as a Lil' Zelf, inside the planter is a leaflet with all the different versions of the Zelfs that are available. While there are 10 actual characters, each one has 3 different versions. One normal version, a version with shiny pearl finish and a glittery coated one. So that's 36 to collect if you up for a challenge. 

One of my awesome friends who also collects toys, is very close to finishing her collection.

My Lil' Zelfs collection as of 12/10/2013

Lil Zelfs check list

She even scanned in the little collection leaflet! Anyway, both of these images were used with Leeloominai's permission. Check out her gallery on flickr if you get the chance as she has some wonderful dolls!

As for me? I'm not nearly that close!

Lil Zelfs

I have 10 at the moment and some are swaps. I can see this collection growing drastically though.

Anyway, I really love these Lil' Zelfs. They take me back to when I was child and was collecting Trolls. Although if I'm honest I was never that keen on the original Trolls. 

The recommended retail price for these are £1.99 which I think is fair, but I'd avoid paying much more than that for them. The highest price I've scene people charging for them is £4 in Hamleys! Which is a rip off in my opinion. 

At £1.99 they make great little presents, stocking fillers or even just something that children can afford to spend their pocket money on. 

Thanks for reading! Please check out my other Zelf reviews.