Saturday, 21 March 2015

Displaying my Zelf insanity

So a few months ago I found the perfect little shelves for displaying my Zelfs on. Well I've finally gotten around to painting my wall and putting the shelves up.

Zelfs Display
A close up of series 3/4

Zelfs Display
All my Zelfs together. 

I'm thrilled to say now I have a full collection of the Mediums and Super now. Excluding one incredibly rare Zelf only given out to employees of Character. 

I'm stocked that I was finally able to get my hands on Snowphie and also Pandela who had been evading me for a long long time. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A look at Cleocat

Here is a quick look at Cleocat, the Egyptian themed Rare Zelf for series 4. Her name is obviously a homage to Cleopatra one of the last Pharaohs from Egyptian times and also cats which were worshipped in that era also. 


She has a blue, gold, white and black colour scheme. A bit like that huge argument over the colours of that dress which occurred all over the internet and on the news. (The dress is clearly white and gold.)

Anyway, off the subject of the dress. Cleocat is black like the Eqyption goddess Bastet is often depicted. She is wearing a take on the traditional Pharaoh outfit design and I think it really suits her overall appearance. 


Cleocat's charm is a little metal pyramid decorated with a blue stone which matchs the one in her headdress. 


She has 3 golden tail bangles and the usual Z logo on her bottom which all Zelfs have. Interesting while she doesn't have a tummy pattern like many of the Zelfs, she has a little eye of Horus which is supposedly a symbol of protection and good health. 


Cleocat's ears are much more pointed than the likes of Catsby and this fits in with the style drawings found in Egyption times. Her make up is very angular, a style that Cleopatra herself is often depicted in having. I love the gem on her headdress. 


Instead of having a tummy pattern, Cleocat is wearing a rubbery little apron (I can't for the life of me recall what they are really called) I found this interesting as I've not seen this type of material on any of the previous Zelfs. It looks like they are experimenting with their materials now which is great news for collectors. It feels odd the the touch though and is very soft, I'm used to feeling the harder vinyl that the Zelfs are made from. 

Her over all design is gorgeous and I think she may be my favourite rare so far! 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cleocat Spotted

So the new rare Zelf for series 4 is an Egyptian themed cat called "Cleocat"

Cleo Cat - Limited Edition Zelf Series 4

In the UK she is obtainable in the same way as Miss Clover and Jewelly: Through the redemption of a coupon and £30 worth of receipts. Which is fantastic as I found it very hard to get Snowphie and really disliked the whole CD fiasco. 
Cleocat be found in the States the same way the other rares were, on the shelves randomly with the common Zelfs. All the best to everyone looking out for her. 

Here is her bio taken from The Evolution Website - I've saved the image so it can be linked here even when they eventually take it down. 

Here is the redemption Coupon - Available at the Evolution website here. I've saved it for prosperity as eventually it will be taken down. Please note this is only available to UK residents. 

I'm loving her details. Especially the added gold tinsel in her hair. I love where the creators are taking the Zelfs these days. There is such a huge variety in their all over designs. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Crazy busy / Oh my goodness Zelfs

My actually real life outside of collecting toys has been CRAZY busy lately. It's almost insane for me as I used to have a lot of time for faffing about and blogging.

Opps I collect dolls is still going strong though, despite having no updates here for ages. I am still collecting!

I will admit I've taken a step back from my Zelfs lately as it seemed like there was no way I was ever going to get my hands on the Limited Edition Snowphie. Being the grown up that I am I told myself "well if I can't have that one, then whats the point at all!?" Cue internal drama.

Thankfully I am past that since the creators of the Zelfs have released series 4 and my goodness they look amazing! So here I am going from not waiting any Zelfs, to suddenly checking shops multiple times a week to see if there is any new stock in.

Series 4 Zelfs
Series 4 Zelfs
Series 4 Zelfs

Needless to say I am smitten all over again! 

In other news, my Mum dropped my camera. Which means I can no longer take my high def photographs until it's replaced. I am gutted! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Update on the Design yourzelf Zelf + Review

 So I had a brief look at the Design yourzelf Zelf back in July - You can read my first impressions of it here: Finally got my hands on design yourzelf

Anyway, I recently found out that they have redesigned the face of the Design Yourzelf Zelf and knowing that you can actually buy the in the UK now I decided to get myself a second one to see for myself.

I actually imported my first one as I thought it was an exclusive but then it turned up in Asda.

Leeloominai and the Design yourzelf Zelf
Leelominai posing with it in Asda back in September 2014. 
So in the UK Design Yourzelf Zelfs are exclusive to Asda. They usually retail at around £15 but I managed to snap mine up recently for £10 in a sale.

Design yourzelf Zelf

So here is the older version with the newer one. You can already see the difference in their faces. 
I purchased my first one without any accessories, so I never got to do an unboxing review. 

Design yourzelf Zelf

Like the Super Zelfs, Design yourzelf Zelf comes in a box rather than on a card. 

It's Zelf power is "Originality" and you are encouraged to customise it with pens and stickers. I actually want to get third one to go crazy on as I want to keep my first two looking all white and pretty. 

The Zelf comes with 3 pens and some stickers to customise it with,

The box is laid out the same as the other smaller Zelfs pretty much. 

Design yourzelf Zelf boxart

The back of the box reads:

Wanna polka-dot your Zelf? 
Pink-striped rainbow chic?
Give your Zelf some bangs... or fangs!
It's your supersized Zelf to design anyway you like! Then name your Zelf already and create your own profile!

Turns out the Zelf's tummy designs are called "Powermarks" I suppose I should stop calling them "Cutiemarks" then. 

Design yourzelf Zelf boxart

I think the art work of the Zelf is super cute, although it's not really an accurate illustration as the hair colour on the actual Zelf has less colours. 

Design yourzelf Zelf

The Zelf comes with a small instruction leaflet.

"Time to get crafty! Have fun designing your Zelf in your own style! If you want to change your design, wipe your doll clean with a soft cloth moistened with water and you can restyle your Zelf. 

Take care!
  • Marker pen ink is washable and may smudge or transfer to other surfaces.
  • Allow the stickers you colour-in to dry for 2 minutes before sticking them to your doll."

Design yourzelf Zelf

The Zelf comes with three colour pens in purple, pink and green and also a variety of stickers. Some are holographic shiny stickers and others are just outlines so you can colour them in yourself. 

I haven't actually unwrapped any of mine as I really like my Zelf as she is.

Design yourzelf Zelf

The Design yourzelf Zelf has blue inset eyes and is completely white all over except for the pink shading inside it's ears.  It's hair is a mixture of pastel colours and isn't quite as long as the other zelfs compared to it's height. 

Design yourzelf Zelf

Like the small Zelfs, the Design yourzelf Zelf has the "Z" logo on it's bottom. 

Lets compare it with the earlier design!

Design yourzelf Zelf comparison

They both appear to share the same body design and have the same coloured hair. 

However there are some differences between the two. 

Design yourzelf Zelf comparison

  • The original Design yourzelf Zelf has a much wider smile which stretches across it's face till its just below it's eyes.  The newer Zelf's stops much sooner. 
  • The original Zelf has wider eyebrow ridges. 
  • They actually feel like they are made out of different materials. The original one has a smoother feeling plastic, where the newer one feels a bit more rough. Generally when customising toys rougher surfaces are easier to apply colour too, so I can see why they changed it. It does feel odd in comparison though. 
  • The originals eyes seem to be either more open or just bigger. 

I know that many people found the original's smile looked a bit too wide. I think it remains quite true to the design of the medium Zelfs, but I suppose once you supersize the design it looks a bit odd. It never bothered me at all though. I can't pick a favourite as I really like both of them.

Design yourzelf Zelf comparison
Ribbita for scale.
They really are Supersized in comparison to the medium Zelfs. They are approximately 7 inches in height making them the biggest Zelfs available at the moment.

I haven't tested the pens on them at all so I can't comment on their customisability. However they are really cute and I'm sure that many children would find them a lot of fun. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Wave 1 Medium Zelf - Buttershy

So here we are yet again, looking at another Wave 1 Zelf. Today I'm checking out Buttershy.

It should come as no surprise that Buttershy is a Butterfly Zelf.  Her design just screams Butterfly and her name is even a play on the word. Not to be confused with My Little Ponies "Fluttershy" who is also named in a similar fashion. 

  • Her Birthday is 6 cocoons ago. (Whenever that was?)
  • Her Zelf slogan is "Believe in yourzelf!" Which makes her Zelf power Positivity. 
  • Her bio reads: This flower power flutter is a lil' shy. But her sweet, happy go-lucky keeps her fluttering around the garden, keeping the flowers growing year round. 
  • Buttershy's charm is a purple butterfly.
  • Her "fabitat" is Flitterpad... Zelk Tree's trendiest cocoon. 

Like Vampula and Spellinda, Buttershy is has been re-released in the Wave 2 Masquerade Line and the Wave 3 Zelicious line. 

She also comes 3 sizes, including Super, Medium and Lil'.

I have Buttershy in her Super, Medium and Lil' as well as her Masquerade and Zelicious forms. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy has blue inset eyes and is light purple in colour. She shares her mold with Luneanne.

Buttershy's hair is a mixture of bright pink, purple and yellow. It's of a lower quality of that of the later Zelfs.
Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy has regular elf ears and a medium sized smile which is slightly open. She has a little yellow butterfly painted on her right cheek. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy's butterfly theme is repeated again on her tummy. She has 2 a yellow and pink butterfly perching on a green vine, as well as a little yellow butterfly and a pink flower. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

The green vine and flower motif is featured again on her right leg and it wraps right around to the back. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy has bright pink glittery butterfly wings. Her"Z" Zelf logo is yellow, and is a bit tricky to see unless you look from a lower angle. 

Buttershy Zelf Wave 1

Buttershy is one of the more simplistic Zelf designs. She seems popular with the creators as she has been released in wave 1, in wave 2 under the Masquerade line and again in wave 3 as a Zelicious Zelf. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wave 1 Medium Zelf - Spellinda

Today we are having an in depth look at the lovely Spellinda.

Spellinda is a witch Zelf. She doesn't look traditionally "witchy" and I'd say she looks the least like the "creature/concept" she is inspired in this wave of Zelfs. That being said I do think she is very cute and I love her colour scheme. 

  • Her Birthday is Halloween eve (which would make it a day before Lil'D's)
  • Her Zelf slogan is "Lovestruck baby!" and her Zelf power is love.
  • Her bio reads: Zardenia's perky lil' matchmaker is always whippin' up potions in the bird bath. Broomzoomin' through the garden, she'll put a love spell on your heart. 
  • Spellinda's charm is a blue cat face. 
  • Her "fabitat" is the Witchbrew Bistro. 
Spellinda is one of the Zelfs which has had many different releases. 

 She comes in 3 sizes, including Super, Medium and Lil'. However she also has 3 different Medium versions as she has been re-released in the Wave 2 Masquerade Line and the Wave 3 Zelicious line. 

I have Spellinda in all sizes including Lil'.

Spellinda Zelf Wave 1

Spellinda has very pale pink inset eyes and is mint green all over. 
She shares the same mold with Elfa and Tressa. 

Her hair is a mixture of black and hot pink/purple. It's of a lower quality of that of the later zelfs.

Spellinda Zelf Wave 1

Spellinda has downward pointing elf ears and her cheek blushing is a lot more noticeable than on the other zelfs, because of the colour contrast. She has two stars on the right side of her temple above her eyes. 

Spellinda Zelf Wave 1

Spellinda's design features a mixture black and purple stars and a cute black cat wearing a purple collar. There is also one black swirl above her left leg. 

Spellinda Zelf Wave 1

Spellinda's Z Zelf logo is very easy to see, unlike some of the other Zelfs, whose tails and wings get in the way. She has more of the purple and black stars on her left leg on the back. 

Spellinda Zelf Wave 1

So despite the fact that Spellinda's only link to being vaguly witch related is the black cat on her left leg, she is very cute. I find her simplicity to be rather charming and love her over all colour scheme.

I'm not the only one who likes her, as Spellinda like Vampula, is one of the Zelfs that has many different versions. She has a different version in each wave so far. 

Spellinda was the Zelf I choose to review back in 2013, please check out my first impressions of the Zelfs and of her here.